Sustainability Through Biotechnology TM

Ennix Digester Optimization

                                             Program Description

The motivating factors for optimizing biosolids digestion and reducing disposal tonnage are regulatory compliance and cost reduction. To help environmental managers meet these needs, Ennix targeted aerobic and anaerobic digesters. Seventeen years of documented field history in a broad spectrum of sludge processing and handling configurations proved-out our ability to eliminate aeration requirements,  improve VS destruction and meet EPA 503 regulations. These advancements correlate to lower energy costs, reduce biosolids hauling and disposal costs, lower dewatering polymer use and fewer man hours spent dewatering.

             Features and Benefits

Benefits to a WWTP when they incorporate the Ennix Fast-Rate Facultative DigestionTM Process include:

1. Digester energy conservation
2. Odor control
3. Supernatant production and increased SRT
4. VS and Mass Solids Reduction
5. Reduced polymer usage
6. Stable pH and high alkalinity
7. Decreased pathogen content
8. Reduced man-hours for solids processing

    and dewatering